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Contact Me: How To Find info on flights into Las Brujas Airport

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Sylvia Ubell

Subject: How To Find info on flights into Las Brujas Airport
Posted: 22 Aug 2007 11:58 pm


I am enjoying reading your insights into Cuba as we will be there from January 31st to Feb 14th. I wonder if you can provide any guidelines into how we can find info on flights into the airport on Las Brujas. We are arriving into Havana and would rather take a small plane down to that airport than drive the 4-5 hours. All I could find was one site that said Las Gaviota flew there on Tuesdays and Sundays and we are arriving on a Thursday.

Sylvia Ubell

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Mark Moxon

Subject: Cuban internal flights
Posted: 24 Aug 2007 10:11 am

Hi Sylvia.

That's a good question! I don't know the answer from personal experience, because we didn't buy any internal flights, but a quick hunt on the web shows that it's possible to book internal flights online before you get there.

I found these two sites after a quick search:

and while they don't appear to have direct flights from Havana to Cayo Santa Maria, they do sell internal flights over the web, and will probably be able to help you if you drop them a line. There are no doubt plenty of other sites like these; these are just the ones that came up in my search.

If there are no flights to Santa Maria, you could always consider flying to Santa Clara, which would break the back of the journey and give you a chance to enjoy a bit of Che before heading for the beach.

Anyway, I hope this helps, and that you have a great time; it's a wonderful country.

Best wishes,


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