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Australia: Flinders Ranges

The road to the Flinders Ranges
The road to the Flinders Ranges, home to the eerie winds of the willie-willie

It was a shame to leave World's End behind, but I had plans for some serious bushwalking in the Flinders Ranges to the north, after some hearty recommendations from Dave and Karen. After a quick bath in the creek and porridge for brekkie cooked on the fire, I headed north up the dirt road, aiming for Burra.

Wilpena Pound

The sloping sides of Wilpena Pound
Looking west from Bridle Gap towards the sloping sides of Wilpena Pound

I drove down more dirt roads and eventually reached Wilpena, 300km north of my last campsite. It was getting late, so I cooked up, lit my lamp and settled in for a read. Or that's what the plan was, anyway.

1 At least, that's what they're called in Western Australia. Many thanks to Ian Belford, who emailed me with the name plus a warning that he nearly saw someone decapitated by a willie-willie; a bit of corrugated iron that was trapped inside the whirlwind narrowly missed a cyclist's head. Be careful out there!