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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

Indonesia: Prambanan

A temple at Prambanan
The Hindu temples of Prambanan are immaculate

Not far from Borobudur is Prambanan, some 10km east of Yogyakarta. Prambanan is a Hindu temple complex, and as with Borobudur, not that much is known about who built it and when. It's interesting to note that these two huge complexes are so close together, were built at roughly the same time, and yet are from two completely opposing religions; Buddhists and Hindus don't agree on a lot of matters, but the chief dispute is about where Buddha came from. Hindus maintain that Buddha is the last reincarnation of Vishnu, after the reincarnations as Rama and Krishna; Buddhists, however, believe Buddha was the Indian Prince Siddhartha, a real person rather than the reincarnation of a Hindu god. Over this difference, the religions fell out.

Two temples at Prambanan
Each temple is held together by gravity
The silhouetted skyline of Prambanan
A Prambanan silhouette

It's hard to say which was more amazing, Borobudur or Prambanan. I think that Prambanan is more impressive, visually, but Borobudur is more incredible when you think of the amount of work involved. On the other hand, if all the temples at Prambanan were standing, that would be fairly awesome too...