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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

India: Hyderabadi Conversations

The river that runs through Hyderabad
Hyderabad is a lovely place to explore, with its pleasant river and interesting buildings, not to mention the locals

It was with glee that I realised I'd booked my ticket from Hyderabad to Chennai a day too late; I checked the timetable and found I wasn't due to leave until seven o'clock in the evening. Having already exhausted Hyderabad's main attractions, I moved onto its next claim to fame, its food. According to the locals, Hyderabad invented biryani, that gorgeous combination of fragrant rice and vegetables that's so popular in England, and even if this is stretching the truth, they've certainly mastered the dish. Chicken biryani never tasted so good as in Hyderabad, and I decided to spend my extra day by tracking down the best restaurant in town, the Paradise Garden Restaurant, and parking myself there for an extended lunch. God, it felt good.