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New Zealand: Nelson

Whakariki Beach
The strange rock formations just off Whakariki Beach

On Tuesday I drove to Nelson via the Lewis Pass, a beautiful afternoon's drive through stunning mountain scenery with the sun beating down from a clear blue sky. That night I stayed with Mike, the local Acorn dealer, and the next day I visited a couple of schools to the west of Nelson, before heading north to explore the area round Golden Bay. Talk about paradise: Golden Bay is well named, and it's worth the drive up the steep and bendy road just to see those beautiful beaches stretching into the sunset, backed by tree-covered mountains and valleys. I made my way to Pakawau, almost at the northern tip of the South Island, and on the way I visited the Pupu Springs where clear, cold water pours out of the ground in such quantities that it moves rocks. After setting up the tent in Pakawau I drove north up a dirt road to the stunning and wild Whakariki Beach, one of the northernmost points of the South Island. I can think of far worse ways of spending a Wednesday afternoon.

Pakawau Beach
Pakawau Beach