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India: Pigs Over Jaisalmer

The turrets of Jaisalmer Fort
The turrets of Jaisalmer Fort are an excellent vantage point from which to observe life in the city

Having escaped from Jodhpur with my travellers cheques intact, I took the night train to Jaisalmer and found myself a delightful room inside the walls of the fantastic fortress, a perfect place for a spot of writing (it's a great way to avoid the overpowering heat of the midday desert sun). Enjoying the strong southerly wind blowing through my window and out of my door, I was suddenly jolted upright by a loud, heartfelt screaming. It didn't sound human, but it was obviously a distress call, amplified by the gusts as they blew headfirst into the battlements below and shot straight up into my penthouse.

A Jaisalmer house
The house from which the man and his pail of water came to help
Jaisalmer Fort
Jaisalmer Fort dominates the skyline
A very thin street in Jaisalmer
Even the buildings crowd together in Jaisalmer