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Malaysia: The Cavalier Roundhead

A sign saying 'No spitting' in three languages
A sign on the ferry to Pulau Pangkor

Charlie and I boarded the ferry to Pulau Pangkor with plenty of time to spare, ready for a few days of serious relaxation. We sat together on the crowded ferry, lone white faces in a sea of Malay weekend holidaymakers (it being school holidays in this, the latter half of December), and while Charlie chatted to an English-speaking and very interesting Malay on his left, I stared out to sea, unable to hear the conversation above the cacophony of the engines. And that's when I noticed the little boy over on the other side of the cabin.

1 We can't help it. In a movie, on the footy pitch, in a pub brawl... if men see another man get whacked in the central processing unit, they universally cringe in empathy. There is no pain worse than a bruised bollock, as every sportsman will tell you.