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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

Cyprus: War Zone Accommodation

A street in South Nicosia
The salubrious streets of South Nicosia

We arrived in South Nicosia in the middle of the most miserable rainstorm we'd seen since landing in Cyprus. The clouds that had smothered Mt Olympos in snow had decided to lurk around for a few more days, and whereas the storm was beautiful and entertaining above the snow line, it was downright depressing in the central plains. I was determined not to let this get to me, though; my research had painted such a bleak picture of the political state of Nicosia that it would have been easy to let the rain dampen my spirits, and although Nicosia would turn out to be one of my personal highlights of Cyprus, our first hurdle turned out to be rather high. I'm referring to our home from home in Nicosia, Tony's Bed and Breakfast.

1 Thanks to George the Cypriot and Samantha, who both got in touch with explanations for the quality of Tony's B&B. 'Excuse me for being rude,' George writes, 'but I could not help myself in letting you know that Tony's bed and breakfast is a famous "prostitute hotel", that is a place where men bring prostitutes for some discreet moments. ;-) No wonder the old man was surprised to see you!' Thanks George; that sound you can hear is the penny dropping. On a more positive note, Samantha writes, 'I read your review about Tony B&B and I had to send you this message, because it's unfair to talk about Tony when you're not aware of the whole story. So let me tell you about Tony and please make sure to have this message seen to everyone on the web. Tony B&B was created by Mr Tony, a really special man, who worked very hard through the year to make the Tony B&B one of the best hotels in Nicosia and it was the best, best service, clean shine everything, friendly faces, impossible in world to say, what a lovely place this was. After 2000 Mr Tony went really ill and couldn't work any more, it was then when he had to rent his hotel to others, and it was then when all became as you describe it. As I honestly know, this bad situation will not be for long. By 2012, Tony B&B will beacame for once more and for ever the perfect hotel in town. So it's unfair to make it all black when we dont know the story. Tony B&B is going to be the best, by the real owners!!! It will be a place you will adore.' Let's hope so, because Nicosia deserves a decent, local-run hotel.