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Indonesia: Dieng Plateau

A pool of bubbling mud
The bubbling mud of the volcanic Dieng Plateau

The package that I'd already spent a week waiting for in Yogyakarta still hadn't arrived, despite (or perhaps because of) me visiting the post office every day, so the boys and I decided to make a break from Yogyakarta, for me to get away from the bloody poste restante, and for Bjorn and Tim to do something worthwhile before heading back to the beach in Bali. Our chosen destination was the Dieng Plateau, northwest of Yogya and up in them there hills, if only for the reason that the heat in Yogyakarta is steadily building up, and we fancied a bit of cool, mountain air for a change.

Steam shooting out of a vent at Kawal Sikidang
Steam shooting out of a vent in the volcanic area of Kawal Sikidang
Kawal Sikidang
The thermal activity at Kawal Sikidang provides Dieng's electricity supply