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Great Journeys: Ghana: South Coast

From colonial slave forts and paradise beaches to relaxing Rastafarians and trippy stilt villages, the south coast of Ghana is an amazing destination.

Map of the south coast of Ghana

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Journey Summary

Our journey starts and ends in Accra, Ghana's wonderful capital city. Our first stop, the seaside village of Kokrobite, is a real contrast, and if you fall for the chilled-out Rastafarian atmosphere you can always pay another visit on the way back. For an astounding taste of the slave trade, however, we head west to Cape Coast, from where a day trip to see the picture-perfect forts of Elmina is well worthwhile. From Cape Coast it's a day's bus ride to the trippy stilt village of Nzulezo, only a stone's throw from the border with Côte d'Ivoire, where we turn round and head back east via the forts and beaches of Axim and Busua. Returning to Cape Coast once again, a sharp left turn takes us to the ancient rainforest of Kakum, from where our return journey takes us back to Accra.

Suggested Itinerary

The following is only a suggested itinerary.

Day Suggested Itinerary
1 Fly to Accra
2-3 Two days in Accra
4 Accra to Kokrobite
5-6 Two days in Kokrobite
7 Kokrobite to Cape Coast
8 One day in Cape Coast
9 Day trip to Elmina
10 Cape Coast to Nzulezo
11 One day in Nzulezo
12 Nzulezo to Axim
13 One day in Axim
14 Axim to Busua
15 One day in Busua
16 Busua to Cape Coast
17 Cape Coast to Kakum
18 Kakum to Cape Coast
19 Cape Coast to Accra
20 One day in Accra
21 Fly from Accra