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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

India: Music on the Brain

It was in Hyderabad that music lodged itself in my brain and refused to let go. When I go on long-distance walks I tend to get a song stuck in my head right from the start, and it keeps rattling round my cranium in time to my steps, all the way through to the end of the walk. For some reason Hyderabad kicked off the same process, and I found myself remembering snatched melodies and memories from ages past.

1 For some reason I find some travelogues faintly depressing, because other people's exploits always sound so much more interesting than your own. Amusing and earthy travelogues I adore, but those that detail incredible events that are unique and impossible to repeat – such as travelling in country X before country X becomes ruined by tourism, or stumbling into a piece of paradise in a country that has since been ravaged by war – make me a little sad and not a little jealous. This is annoying; I find myself falling into the trap of travel competition – 'my trip's better than your trip, na na na na na' – and I hate that. Why is it so hard to appreciate that what you yourself have achieved might be fairly impressive, and that this isn't a competition?