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Fraser Island: Introduction

Fraser Island is a dreamy paradise, especially for the walker. While most visitors to the largest sand island in the world hire four-wheel-drives and go burning up and down Seventy-five Mile Beach (and who can blame them?), exploring the island by foot is surely the most rewarding way to discover the beauty of this special place.

Route details

As far as walking goes, the best thing about Fraser Island is how many different options there are. If you manage to track down a decent map of the island – there's a good walking leaflet available from the City Council offices in Hervey Bay – then you'll see that there are loads of walking trails criss-crossing the island, and assuming you're self-sufficient (i.e. carrying a tent, food and so on), you can go pretty much anywhere you please.

Day Walk km
1 McKenzie's Jetty to Central Station 8
2 Central Station to Lake Benaroon 7
3 Lake Benaroon to Seventy-five Mile Beach (3km south of Eurong) 21.5
4 Seventy-five Mile Beach to Eli Creek 27.5
5 Rest day at Eli Creek -
6 Eli Creek to Seventy-five Mile Beach (near turn-off for Lake Wabby) 25
7 Seventy-five Mile Beach to Lake McKenzie 14
8 Lake McKenzie to McKenzie's Jetty 7
Total distance 110

Although the whole island is special, I highly recommend camping at Eli Creek and taking a day off to explore the Pinnacles, the wreck of the Maheno and the waters of Eli Creek; they're the highlights of an astounding place.