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Mali: Kayes

The Chutes de Felou near Kayes, Mali
Near Kayes, just over the Senegal-Mali border, lie the Chutes de Felou, where the pounding of the River Senegal has worn the bedrock of the river bed into some very strange shapes

There isn't a great deal to report about Kayes except it's a dusty, distant town in the middle of nowhere which hasn't been destroyed by the tourist trade – and that's not surprising, as there's not a lot going on. I spent my bonus rest day washing my clothes (which dried in under an hour in the dry desert air), writing, eating, buying train tickets, and hoping that I wasn't going to have to spend too long out here.

The main road in Kayes
There's not a great deal to Kayes except the railway line, but it's a pleasant enough place for a short stopover