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Australia: World's End

Dave, Karen, Lumpy Dog and a big miner
Dave, Karen, Thor, Tia and a bizarrely large miner we passed on the way to World's End

My world is very small tonight. There's a babble from the creek as it pours over the stepping-stones, and the stars are visible over the light from the fire. The shadows flicker up the multi-coloured trunks of the Red River Gums surrounding the little clearing where my tent and cooking equipment reflect the light. The nearest civilisation is 20 miles away, and I'm totally alone; there isn't a human for miles around.

Family Reunions

World's End
There's yabbies out in them there waters...

The next day we went for a bushwalk into the hills round the camp, and hung out by a watering hole for the afternoon. It was really hot, and when we got back to camp that afternoon, we discovered that our creek had been invaded by a family reunion.