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Indonesia: Types of Traveller

Ravana and sidekick taunting the monkey god, Hanuman
Whatever your reasons for travelling, cultural events like performances of the Hindu epic Ramayana are amazing; here, the evil Ravana and his sidekick are taunting the monkey god Hanuman, in a performance in Yogyakarta

Ubud is billed as the 'centre of cultural tourism in Bali', which basically means it's full of art galleries, wood carving shops, hotels and restaurants. It's also full of tourists, and where Kuta is full of Australians on shag-and-tan holidays, Ubud is full of Germans on a more cultural experience. While I perused the streets, I noticed a complete social stratum in the tourist scene, one I'd never quite spotted before because in a white culture, it's not always so easy to spot who the tourists are.