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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

Mexico: Panic in Paradise

Mark on the ferry to Cozumel
On the ferry to Cozumel, after the psychological storm had passed... and just before the real one hit

I've written before about how scared I am of travelling, and it's probably down to the fact that I'm intrinsically unsuited to this way of life. Peta pointed it out the other day in worryingly accurate detail: I get seriously homesick and always have, my stomach is sensitive to the slightest hint of microbial activity, my brain melts in the tropical heat, I have a painful lower back problem that's triggered by carrying a backpack, my favourite place in the world is our sofa by the fire, and I burn in the sun even when I cower away under an umbrella. On paper, I'm the last person you'd expect to see on the road.