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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

Cyprus: Kourion

The Sanctuary of Apollon Hylates at Kourion
The Sanctuary of Apollon Hylates, part of the complex at Kourion

Tuesday 25th awoke to weather that mirrored the inside of my head after the evening's drinking at Perry's; one minute it was dark and blustery, and the next minute the clouds had lifted and the sun was peeking through, but it couldn't make up its mind what to do. Nor could we, but we figured we might as well drive over to the ruins of Kourion, even if we risked getting caught in another snow storm.

Columns of bricks from an under-floor heating system
The remains of Kourion's sophisticated under-floor heating system
A mosaic depicting two gladiators
A mosaic in the House of Gladiators
Kolossi Castle
The imposing bulk of Kolossi Castle