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Hinchinbrook Island: Introduction

The Thorsborne Trail on Queensland's Hinchinbrook Island is a delightful walk through some of the most unspoilt island rainforest in the world. Hinchinbrook Island has quite rightly been protected as a National Park since 1932, and it's Australia's largest island National Park (Fraser Island is a much bigger island, but it's not all National Park).

Route details

With a maximum of 40 people allowed on the Thorsborne Trail at any one time, in groups no larger than six strong, the trail is never going to get overrun by trekkers. This is just as well, as the trail route is fixed and the park authorities ask everyone to stick to the track and not to wander off into the wilderness. There are just two other walking tracks on the island, but they're for day-trippers and don't come close to the wilderness experience of the Thorsborne.

Day Walk km
1 Ramsay Bay to Little Ramsay Bay 6.5
2 Little Ramsay Bay to Zoe Bay 10.5
3 Zoe Bay to Mulligan Falls 7.5
4 Mulligan Falls to George Point 7.5
Total distance 32

It is possible to stay an extra night on the trail, in which case it might be worth camping at Nina Bay, splitting the first day into two. Day 1 would then be a 4km walk from Ramsay Bay to Nina Bay, and day 2 would be a 2.5km jaunt from Nina Bay to Little Ramsay Bay. Alternatively you could stay an extra night in the other campsites; the days aren't too long on the Thorsborne Trail.