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Australia: Melbourne

Melbourne skyline
The Melbourne skyline as seen from the leafy streets of the northern suburbs

That night we arrived in Melbourne, and the next day I rang Acorn to see what they wanted me to do. The next thing you know I've been picked up from the hostel, put behind a desk, and given a job... and as if that wasn't enough, my boss Laurence, his wife Mary and their ten-year-old son Alistair put me up in their lovely house in the eastern suburbs. The day I arrived also happened to be the one Friday of the month when the staff stayed behind for a drink after work, on a sort-of morale-boosting piss-up, which was a pretty good introduction for the new boy, especially as I managed to get invited to a stag night on the Saturday (or buck's night, as they say in Oz).

Hanging Out in Melbourne

Life in Melbourne proved to be much like life in any friendly, cultural city. Steady work meant that I could afford to go out regularly, and it wasn't long before I felt as settled as I had been back home.

Return to Melbourne

Here are some more memories from Melbourne, after I returned from my year driving round Australia:

And so, after a life-changing year in Australia, my working holiday visa started making pinging noises and I had to leave the country, so I booked a flight to New Zealand, contacted the head of Acorn New Zealand who kindly offered me a bed for my first couple of nights, and waved goodbye to my friends from Melbourne. What a place, and what wonderful people. I will be back...