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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

Cyprus: Troodos

A wintry forest scene
The view from our hotel window over the wintry forests of Troodos

If there's one thing you mustn't do when shacked up in an isolated and empty hotel in the middle of a snowstorm, it's to think about The Shining. Make sure you don't think back to the chilling moment when the little boy rides his tricycle round the corner and sees the ghosts of the two twins at the end of the corridor, or that painfully narrow escape the terrified wife makes through the too-small bathroom window away from the mad axe-wielding of Jack Nicholson. Oh no, don't think about it, or the chances are you'll end up scared out of your wits...

Mark digging a car out of a snowdrift
Digging the car out of the snow that fell during our one night in Troodos
Peta holding two sledges
Sledding is cold work
A snowman in a tree
So we built a snowman...

1 Known as Troödhos before the name change. Troodos is supposedly pronounced 'Tro-o-dos', though I never heard anyone refer to it as anything but 'Troo-dos'.