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London Loop: Day 4: West Wickham to Hamsey Green

London Loop signpost in Hamsey Green
One of the informative Loop signs that tell you you're on the right track

The southern half of the Loop is full of surprises, and one of the biggest is that there's an awful lot of pretty countryside just south of Croydon. This isn't meant to belittle Croydon, as even its biggest fans don't associate the place with sweeping vistas and the rural idyll, but within a stone's throw of the urban business centre of Croydon are some of the prettiest sections of the Loop. This section makes a lovely walk, and the only drawback is the challenge in getting home from the end point at Hamsey Green.

Good Views

The Good Companions pub in Hamsey Green
A welcome destination: the Good Companions pub in Hamsey Green

The next mile through Spring Park, Halfpenny Wood and Foxes Wood is pleasant and there is a reward at Addington Hill, where the view over Croydon towards Crystal Palace is great. This is a popular place for school trips; when I was there one poor girl got terrible vertigo on the viewing platform, even though it's only a few feet off the ground and is built to withstand the worst treatment.