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Ghana: Kokrobite

Big Milly's Backyard, Kokrobite
Big Milly's Backyard, where I spent a happy few weeks recovering from the effects of West Africa

When I mentioned to the Prempehs that I wanted to stay in Kokrobite (pronounced 'Cock-rah-bee-tee') for Christmas, I'm sure I got a funny look; I also mentioned it on the phone to Kwesi when he rang up his aunt and uncle for a chat, and he just laughed. I couldn't understand why; all the way down through Mali and Burkina Faso I bumped into people who'd come the other way from Ghana, and whenever I mentioned that I was heading down to the Ghanaian coast for Christmas, people kept recommending Big Milly's Backyard in Kokrobite. How can you ignore travellers' advice like that?