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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

The Gambia: Tendaba to Jangjang Bureh

A pot-holed road
Believe it or not, this pot-holed excuse for a road at Tendaba is the main highway through the Gambia

Tendaba Camp, for all its pleasantries, refused to let me leave gracefully. Chris decided to head west back to Banjul and I opted to head east, so after nearly two weeks in the company of others I was going to be on my own again. The thought filled me with dread, because the next leg of my journey sounded terrible. Tendaba might be a conference centre but it's still out in the middle of bloody nowhere.

Shooting Through Soma

Half an hour later the bus arrived in Soma and I hopped off, shouting 'Jangjang Bureh' in the hope that I'd be steered towards the next bus heading that way. A couple of likely lads tried to persuade me to hop into their totally empty minibus, but I laughed and said, 'There are no people in this bus – I want one with people!'