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Indonesia: Maumere to Ujung Pandang

Maumere is full of satellite dishes

The bus trip from Moni to Maumere in eastern Flores went according to plan, and Rainer and I alighted that evening, along with another friendly German called Peter whom we met en route. We booked into a hotel and hit the local restaurant, where we bumped into Idit (whom I'd met in Bajawa) and a very pleasant Dutch couple who had just landed in Flores. That night managed to banish any pretensions of loneliness I was having, as we talked the night away over copious teas and banana ice drinks. The conversation concerned travel in general and India in particular; the more I hear about India, the more intriguing it sounds.

The KM Awu
The KM Awu, bound for Sulawesi
Porters rushing to greet our arrival in Sulawesi
Porters rushing to greet our arrival