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New Zealand: Finding Wheels

Zed in all his glory, posing by a rather windswept Lake Taupo

Zed lives! He might be younger than his brother Oz – the trusty 1977 Corona that got me round Australia – but it's obvious from that jaw line and the obstinately old-fashioned looks that he's still a Toyota Corona. He's also quite a lot bigger, being a 1984 station wagon, and with the white paint and dodgy stereo he's certainly got a different character to the little monster that made it round the emptiest continent in the world, but as far as spacious accommodation goes, Zed's got it just right.

Zed on the West Coast of the South Island; spot the mattress in the back

1 'Islanders' are people from the Polynesian islands like Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and so on.