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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

The Gambia: Fajara

A sign saying 'You Are Here' on a blank map
There's nothing quite like a helpful sign when you're exploring the rainforest, and this sign in Bijilo Forest Park is indeed nothing like a helpful sign

The thing that surprises me most about the Atlantic beach resorts of the Gambia is how unlike most beach resorts they are. When reading about them beforehand, I'd envisaged high-rise hotels, nightclubs spilling onto the beach, and fat tourists with their arses hanging out of their swimming shorts. The only one I've managed to find is the latter, and that only once (though it was a depressingly memorable sight).

A monkey in Bijilo Forest Park
The monkeys of Bijilo are so used to tourists that they pose happily as you walk past; unfortunately they also demand peanuts and get stroppy when you don't feed them