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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

Ghana: Thoughts on Leaving

Throughout West Africa I've met people doing a similar journey to mine, but in the opposite direction. In Mali I met lots of people who came from Ghana via Burkina Faso, and the one consistent impression I got from them was that Ghana is by far the most relaxed and easygoing country in the region. Within a few seconds of crossing the Ghanaian border, I knew they were right; here people smile, joke and laugh in a way that they simply don't in Senegal and Mali. And for someone whose French is adequate but not fluent, the joy I felt on hearing English again was palpable.

Being lost
Is worth the coming home

In the Sahel, I definitely felt lost. In Ghana I didn't, but by the time I found myself I knew I had to go home, and even the lovely Ghanaians couldn't change my mind.