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Taranaki Circuit: Introduction

The weather makes (and breaks) the walking experience in New Zealand, and the huge volcano of Taranaki on the west coast of the North Island is particularly susceptible to changeable weather. As warm, moisture-laden air rolls in from the sea and hits the volcano, it gets pushed up into the colder high-altitude air and forms clouds, which then spend days emptying buckets of water over the heads of unsuspecting trampers. I should know; it happened to me.

Route details

The traditional way to tackle the Around the Mountain walk at Taranaki is to start and end at East Egmont, taking four days to do the circuit; this leaves enough time to include the summit walk on the last day, if you've got enough energy left. Here's the route I took:

Day Walk km
1 East Egmont to Lake Dive -
2 Lake Dive to Waiaua Gorge -
3 Waiaua Gorge to Holly Hut -
4 Holly Hut to East Egmont via the Summit -
Total distance -

I'm afraid I don't have the distances to hand as the maps aren't available to me right now, but there's plenty of documentation available from the Department of Conservation (DOC).