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Gunung Rinjani: Introduction

Few sights are as breathtaking as the sudden appearance of Gunung Rinjani's main crater at the end of the first day of this walk. Add in the even more astounding view from the volcano's summit and the serene beauty of being in the crater itself, and you've got a world-class trek that I can't recommend enough.

Route details

There are two main ways to tackle Gunung Rinjani. The one described here is a round trip, starting and finishing in the small village of Senaru, to the north of the volcano. This is handy for those without arranged transport, but it does mean doubling back on yourself and adding an extra day, so if you're pushed for time you might want to consider the second option. This follows the route below for the first two days, but then on day 3 you climb to the summit and then descend southwest of the volcano to the village of Sembalun, where you should be able to catch public transport back to Senaru. You can also do this option the other way round, from Sembalun to Senaru; there aren't any rules here, as most of the time you'll be following your instincts rather than the map.

Day Walk
1 Senaru to Crater Rim
2 Crater Rim to Summit Base
3 Summit Base to Crater Lake (via Summit)
4 Crater Lake to Senaru

There's no reason why you couldn't spend more time in the crater area. There's a spring from which you can collect drinkable water not far from the hot springs (the locals will direct you there) so the only concern would be food. Just make sure you have the strength and provisions to get out again; you wouldn't want to be stranded in this part of the world without anything to eat.