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Senegal: Île de Gorée

Île de Gorée from the ferry
Île de Gorée is home to colonial architecture and - if you believe the local stories - an old slave house

Dakar is surprising for its lack of obviously colonial architecture, but it's more than made up for by the delights of Île de Gorée. This pretty little island sits 3km off the capital's east shore and has more colonial atmosphere in its little toe than Dakar does in its entire hoof. It's little wonder that Gorée is one of Senegal's most popular tourist attractions; it's an easy and refreshing day trip away from the sweat of the city.

A view over the rooftops of Île de Gorée
Looking over the red roofs of Gorée
La Maison des Esclaves
La Maison des Esclaves is Île de Gorée's main tourist attraction
A staircase inside the Maison des Esclaves
Inside La Maison des Esclaves: the masters lived upstairs and the slaves were purportedly stored in the cells below