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India: Camel, One Previous Owner

Sagra feeding the camels
Sagra feeding the camels at the start of my trek in the Thar Desert

'Ello there sir. You look like the sort of man who knows what he's looking for, if I may say so. Let me be the first to say that you've come to the right place; here at Old Nick's New and Second-Hand Camel Emporium we've got 'em all, from super-charged top-of-the-range ships of the desert to more affordable economy models.

Sukia, one of the more good-natured camels on the planet
A desert waterhole
Even camels need to drink in the desert; thank goodness for waterholes
Sukia sitting down
Sukia sitting down, fully laden
Sukia sitting down
Sukia sitting down like a complicated Swiss Army knife
Camel wrestling
Camel wrestling is as bizarre to watch as you'd think it would be