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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

Pilbara Bushwalk: Introduction

You always remember your first long-distance walk with great fondness, and I'm no exception. My first proper trek was this seven-day hike through the outback of Western Australia in the company of Scott, a park ranger and a perfect companion for my first walk. I had a fantastic time; it's probably fair to blame Scott for getting me into long-distance walking in the first place.

Route details

The bushwalk Scott and I made through the Pilbara wasn't an established route; we literally headed out into the Chichester Ranges and followed our maps, compasses and noses. Scott, being a park ranger, made sure we had things like radios and people who would come looking for us if we didn't come back, which is essential if you're heading out into the outback.

Day Walk km
1 Narrina Pool to Narrina Creek (North) 4.5
2 Narrina Creek (North) to Narrina Creek (South) 10
3 Narrina Creek (South) to George River (South) 13
4 Rest day at George River (South) -
5 George River (South) to Pillinginni Creek (South) 14
6 Pillinginni Creek (South) to George River (North) 18.5
7 George River (North) to Narrina Pool 10
Total distance 70