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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

Indonesia: Poso

Rose climbing along a log at the Saluopa waterfall
Rose crossing a river the hard way, at the Saluopa waterfall near Tentena

I don't want to think too much about the journey south. From the Togian Islands to Ampana to Poso to Tentena to Pendolo to Rantepao, this mammoth three-day journey on painful buses, crowded boats and sore feet was only made bearable by a friendship struck up on the Togian ferry; Rose, a solo traveller from New York state, was on my wavelength, going my way and would prove an amiable companion until we were rudely parted after a couple of weeks... but that's another story. For now we're bouncing through central Sulawesi, Rose full of stories about her eight-month trip through Southeast Asia, and me full of dread at having to repeat the awful stretch of road that Peter and I had put up with when heading north to Tentena for the first time.