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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

French Polynesia: The Sociability of Yachties

The schooner Jan van Gent in Rikitea harbour
The schooner Jan van Gent would join us later in Rikitea harbour, and would play host to another great yacht party

The sociability of the Rikitea yachties really hit home on Saturday 17th May, when Joe and Janet came up with an idea for a party on their boat, Tegan: a pot-luck party where everyone provided something. We provided the meat, because when we left New Zealand we had 42kg of vacuum-packed frozen meat in the oversized freezer on Zeke, which had lasted very well and meant we had meat for longer than most yachts (who can normally only store a couple of weeks' worth). Our kilogram of gravy beef was like manna from heaven for Joe, Janet and Peeyoo, the other party-goers (Peeyoo being the solo captain of the yacht Rammen).