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Kepler Track: Introduction

The Kepler Track is a good introduction to New Zealand's selection of Great Walks. It's a relatively easy trek that can be completed by anyone who's fit, and although the first day and the start of the second day involve a fair amount of climbing, this is a much easier track than the nearby Routeburn-Greenstone or Hollyford-Pyke. Accommodation along the way is of the highest quality, and if you're looking for a rewarding walk but don't want to push yourself beyond your limits, the Kepler fits the bill.

Route details

You're not going to have any problems following the Kepler Track; it's a well-signed motorway, as are most of New Zealand's Great Walks. The track starts and ends at the control gates at the southern end of Lake Te Anau, heading anti-clockwise in a large loop. The following itinerary is the one that most people follow:

Day Walk km
1 Control Gates to Luxmore Hut 14.1
2 Luxmore Hut to Iris Burn Hut 18.6
3 Iris Burn Hut to Moturau Hut 17.2
4 Moturau Hut to Control Gates 17.1
Total distance 67

As this is a Great Walk you need to book your hut accommodation in advance. You can do this at the DOC office in Te Anau, but at peak times you should book well in advance. The Kepler Track is a very popular walk.