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Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

Indonesia: Loneliness on the Road

José, Gabi, Peter and Mark on the ferry to Sulawesi
You always make friends eventually: here I am playing cards with (from right to left) José, Gabi and Peter on the long ferry journey from Flores to Sulawesi

The following excerpts from my travelogue illustrate one of the downsides of travelling alone: it can really get to you when you don't meet people for a while. But you do meet people on the road, especially in Southeast Asia, as the following two stories show. So if you're on the road and feeling lonely, rest assured we all get like this sometimes. It does get better – honestly!


Back on Magnetic Island, one of the girls who read my travelogue had asked if I believed in fate; I'd used the phrase 'as if by fate' somewhere along the line, not through any great belief, but because it's a useful stock phrase when trying to sound mystical. Judging by the events of last Wednesday night, I'm beginning to wonder if fate isn't a constant companion of the solo traveller after all.


I feel change; everybody does, especially when it happens relatively quickly. Whether the reaction is a scared 'We Fear Change' or a mellower 'Go With The Flow', humans have an uncanny knack of knowing when something is amiss, when things aren't quite what they used to be, when the gods are rolling the proverbial dice. As I write this, I'm feeling a change.